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The Tolpuddle Radical Film Festival is unique in the UK in that it is funded entirely by trade unionists and the trade union movement.

The festival is run entirely by unpaid volunteers but we need to raise £3500 every year to pay for screening fees and the hire of the Vintage Mobile Cinema.

The Magnificent Seven Sponsors fund about 60% of the costs but we still need to raise £1300.

Any help you, your union, branch or trade council will be much appreciated.

Donations can be paid by BACS to Acc: 65127676  Sort Code: 53 – 61 – 31

Donations can be paid directly in to our bank account with a credit or debit card via Paypal:

Donate with PayPal

Cash or cheques can be sent to Chris Jury, Tolpuddle Radical Film Festival, 48 New Street, Shipston On Stour, Warwickshire, CV36 4EN

The main Tolpuddle Festival is perhaps the most important cultural event in the calendar of the labour movement and anyone working for progressive political change in the UK. Theatre, music, literature, painting and crafts are all well represented at Tolpuddle, but film only made it’s first appearance in 2014.

Film is a crucial tool for social change and surely must continue to have a presence at Tolpuddle? And for less than £3000 each year it can. But only if all of us lefties, radicals, socialists, anarchists, trade unionists and fellow travellers come together to raise the money.

So every year we ask individuals, Trade Unions, Trade Union Branches, Regional TUC’s and Trade Councils to come on board as Sponsors and Supporters of the TRFF.


Donations can be paid by BACS to Acc: 65127676  Sort Code: 53 – 61 – 31

Donations can be paid directly in to our bank account with a credit or debit card via Paypal

Cash or cheques can be sent to Chris Jury, Tolpuddle Radical Film Festival, 48 New Street, Shipston On Stour, Warwickshire, CV36 4EN

Sponsors 2018

The Magnificent Seven Sponsors for the Tolpuddle Radical Film Festival 2018 were UCU, GFTU, UNITE SIMA Branch, Social Workers Union, Midlands TUC, SWTUC and Warwickshire NEU/NUT Section.

In addition to the Magnificent Seven the 2018 Tolpuddle Radical Film Festival could not have happened without donations from:

Fred C Dobbs
Arbel Jones
Pete McQuail
Olivia Heitred
Maeve Landman
Nicholas Jeune
Roger Sloman
Liz Parker
Tony Garnett
Helen jackson
Macfarlane Chard
Philip Jackson
Marilyn Gaunt
Kenneth Keable
David Holingdale
Diane Donaldson
Steve Presence
Jeremy Myerson
Stephen Sprung
Eleanor Whitehead
Tony Meech

Whitehorse (Wiltshire) Trades Council
Eastern Region UCU
CWU South London
NEU Sandwell Division
Yeovil TUC
Bridgwater TUC
UNITE Central Manchester
NUT Walsall
Swindon TUC
Weston & North Somerset TUC
ASLEF District No.6
UNITE NW 127404 Merseyside Area Civil Engineering Branch
UNITE P.A.T NW12 Branch
UNITE Manchester Finance & Legal Branch
Norwich & District TUC

In 2018 the GFTU also sponsored our first Children & Young People’s Programme.

Sponsors 2017

Special thanks to 2017 Magnificent Seven Sponsors:

Fred C Dobbs
USDAW Southern Division
UNITE North West
Tolpuddle UNITE
Midlands TUC/SWTUC

And to all our 2017 sponsors:

Bath TUC
Unison Power Branch
Bakers Union
Rachel Jury
Chris Van Spal
Unison Bolton
North Staffs Trade Council
Bridgewater Trades Council
White Horse TUC
Footprint Workers Coop
Unison Dorset
Warwickshire NUT
UNITE Amicus Barrow 0401
UNITE Amicus 0754
UNITE Amicus Bolton & District
UNITE N/W Bamber Bridge & Leyland
UNITE Wirral Branch

Sponsors 2016

Patrons (£250+)

Tolpuddle Transport Food & Agricultural Unite the union SW/049823
Ian McShane
Bath Trade Council
UNITE Fylde Coast Branch

Principal Sponsors (£100+)

Andy Eggleden
Robin Lough
UNITE North West Region
UNITE Preston 0754 Branch
Bristol University UCU
University of Bath UCU
South West TUC
UNISON Bolton Branch
UNITE Stockport Branch 0877
CWU South London Surrey and North Hampshire Branch
UNITE Central Manchester Health NW63 Branch

Sponsors (£50+)

Antony Dominici
Rachel Jury
North Staffs Trade Council
Sarah Greene
Andy Lynch
Paul Savident
Anthony Meech
BFAWU (Bakers Union)
Norwich & District Trades Council
UCU Eastern & Home Counties Regional Committee
UNITE NW/522 Merseyside Voluntary Sector
UNITE N/W0056 Bamber Bridge & Leyland Branch
USDAW Southern Division

Supporters (£5+)

Indra Bhose
Jeremy Myerson
Dr Pam Knowles
Marlilyn Gaunt
Liz Parker
John Crome
Simon Campbell Jones
Maeve Landeman
Tessa Walker
Hull & District TUC
John McDonnell
Kay Stoneham
Helen Whoeveryouare
Ian Chard
John Hogan
White Horse (Wiltshire) TUC
Wolverhampton Bilston TUC
Keyna Doran
Michael Wayne
Sue Plain
Terri Sturman
Daniel Hernández Torrado
Counterstate Films
Fernando Mitjans
Roger Whoeveryouare
John Reed
Claus Sprotte Kofod
Lucy Dale
Blackburn & District Trades Council
Lyndsay Kemp-Ghani

Sponsors 2015

Patrons (£200+)

Bath Spa University
Bath Trades Council
Bolton 0121 Unite branch

Principal Sponsors (£100+)

Bath Spa UCU
Bristol UCU
Bryan Nott
Kerry Irvine
David Jeffsewater

Supporters (£5-£50)

Marlilyn Gaunt
Pat Welsh
Anthony Meech
Liz Parker
Paddy Toomey
Piers Haggard
Pamela Karantonis
Nicholas Downes
Caroline Firenza
Andy Jones
Maeve Landman
Chris Roche
Indra Bhose
John Dower
Grant Williams
Francis Buxton
Chris Grimes

Brad Hooker
Bernie Corbet
John Dower
Pete McQuail
Richard Parfitt
Arbel Jones
Kenneth Keable
Ray Brooking
Simon Newell
Simon Campbell Jones
Dave Chapple
Ms Glen Burrows
Hull & District Yorks and Humber Trades Council
Southhampton Trades Council
Merthyr Tydfil Trades Council
St Albans Welwyn & Hatfield Trades Council

Sponsors 2014

Institutional Sponsors:

UCU At Bath Spa University
UCU At University Of Bath
UCU at University of Bristol
Bath Trades Union Council
Bath Spa University
Bolton Unite
TUC Hull & District
TUC Mansfield & Notts
Union News
University of Worcester

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