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Tolpuddle Radical Film Festival 2019
Just Because You’re Paranoid…
Conspiracies, Witch Hunts & Whistle Blowers

In 2019 the conspiracy theory business is the business to be in! Russian interference, Israeli interference, Hilary’s emails, Cambridge Analytica and social media surveillance, BBC bias, political correctness gone mad, liberal metropolitan elites controlling and manipulating, alt-right oligarchs disrupting… In the era of Trump, Brexit and Wikileaks paranoia seems to be underpinning our entire political discourse.

But history shows us real conspiracies do happen and often with appalling consequences. What is the balance between free-speech and causing offence? When does a terrorist become a freedom fighter? Do the interests of the majority ever justify the persecution of the individual?

The feature films in this years Tolpuddle Radical Film Festival are: ConspiracyTrumbo, The Insider, Citizen Four, War School, The Lobby, Brexit: The Uncivil WarNae Pasaran, The Teachers Protest, No Stone Unturned.


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