RFN @ Tolpuddle 2017

In 2017 the RFN hosted by The Tolpuddle Radical Film Festival, gathered at the Tolpuddle Martyr’s Festival from 14.00 on Thursday 13th – 14.00 on Saturday 15th July.

The event consisted of an exciting programme including:

  • Panel discussions between documentary filmmakers and trade union members.
  • Discussions on the larger impact of trade disputes on community and democracy
  • Research into the space of the everyday in “Cinemas of Conflict”
  • Research into the “Third Space” in relation to archival practices
  • Bill Douglas’ Comrades (1986), and Tolpuddle Martyrs memorialisation in Dorset
  • Workshops focusing on radical screening and audience engagement practices;
  • Politically engaged international experimental and artist’s film screening and sharing of related practice-based research
  • Space to discuss and think ahead to the RFN’s 1968-2018-2068 event in Scotland as well as other RFN sharing and planning.

Here’s a list of just some of the RFN @ TOLPUDDLE 2017 sessions:

Belonging The Truth Behind the Headlines
(Film being screened as part of Tolpuddle Radical Film Festival)
Morag Livingstone
Presentation and panel with invited union leaders
2.5 hours

Ex Lucas Aerospace Workers
(Film being screened as part of Tolpuddle Radical Film Festival)
Steve Sprung
Presentation (&  panel discussion together with Julian Mc Dougall)
1.5 hours

Comrades and Curators: Magical Transformations in Third Spaces
Julian McDougall
presentation (& panel discussion together with Steve Sprung)
1.5 hours

London Community Video Archive
Toni Dowmunt, Goldsmith Institute, London, UK
film lecture
1 hour

Mobility and Testimony: Digital film practices and the Kashmir Conflict
Max Kramer, Leipzig, Germany
film lecture
30 min

Interrupted Screening Workshop
Elena Boschi
2.5 hours

1968-2018. Collective Reading and Viewing Workshop
Laura Ager
2.5 hours

On videoactivism in Turkey
Julia Lazarus
30 min

A selection of Experimental Videos
Marcy Saude
film program
1.5 hours


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