Tolpuddle Radical Film Festival URGENTLY Needs Your Help!!!

This year we have the opportunity to add film to programme of the Tolpuddle Festival for the first time. And the proposed Tolpuddle Radical Film Festival is a unique celebration of film and radical politics from the 1950’s through the 80’s up to today + the UK’s only competition for radical short film and activist viral video.

BUT we need to raise £2800 to run the festival and although we have already raised £1000 of this through sponsorship from a number of trade unions and trade councils, we still need another £1800 from you to kick-start this important new initiative that celebrates the role of film in radical politics.

We’ve only 15 days to go and we’ve only raised 15% of the funds. Please we need your help. Can you please share this appeal as widely as possible and if you’d like to see radical film represented at Tolpuddle please click the K to donate on our Kickstarter page towards the modest running costs of the Tolpuddle Radical film Festival:


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