Open Call Out for Animation Projects

Open Call Out for Animation Projects

Are you currently working on – or developing – a film or other art project that involves animation? Would you like to talk to other artists and film-makers about possible ways of collaborating with each other?

Then Leeds Animation Workshop would like to hear from you.

For over thirty years the Workshop has produced and distributed animated films on social issues. That work continues, but in addition we are starting to explore new areas of activity. This is an open call out to artists, film-makers, or indeed anyone with an idea involving animation, to get in touch, with a view to exploring various ways of working together. We are encouraging exciting ideas: they don’t even necessarily have to be about making a film. When we say animation project, we mean this in the broadest sense, interpret it as you will.

If you are interested please send us:
1. A description of your idea (between 50 and 500 words please) as an attachment to an email
2. Your contact details
3. Deadline: 31 July 2014
4. We will get back to you by: 1 September 2014

Leeds Animation Workshop

Twitter: @/leedsanimation

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