Inaugural Tolpuddle Radical Film Festival a huge success!

The inaugural Tolpuddle Radical Film Festival has been a huge success with sell-out screenings of all the main festival films and indeed all the Small Axe radical short film competition screenings. The Vintage Mobile Cinema and the festival screenings created quite a buzz at the festival with many people coming to visit us and express their enthusiastic support for the festival despite not being able to get seats for screenings.

Pictures Of the Vintage Mobile Cinema in situ

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All the screenings were full but Which side are You On and Still The Enemy Within were the hits of the festival. Which side Are You On was made by Ken Loach in 1984 for C4 who then refused to show it because it showed the miners in too positive a light! Indeed, Which Side Are You On was so popular we managed to add a second screening of the film at 17.00.

Both these films left many in tears as the memories of Thatcher’s class war against the working people of this country came flooding back and they were both watched by Anne Scargill, who although she appeared in both she had not seen either until Saturday.

Pictures of Anne Scargill with the organisers and audience of the Tolpuddle Radical Film Festival

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Despite the difficult subject matter of some of the films the atmosphere at the film festival was comradely, enthusiastic and celebratory; celebrating both the film-makers and their wonderful films, the lives of the working people and activists represented in the films and above all the fact that film, perhaps the most important creative form of the 20th Century, is now finally able to play a part in the Tolpuddle Festival.

Pictures of our wonderful audiences

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Small Axe Logo

On Sunday morning we screened the short-listed finalists films in the 4 competition categories of the Small Axe radical short film competition. Much to our delight all these 4 screenings were also full.

Pictures Of The Small Axe Screenings & Awards, Sunday 20th July

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