Launch of the fund-raising campaign for the second Tolpuddle Radical Film Festival and Small Axe Radical Film Competition.

Today is the launch of the fund-raising campaign for the second Tolpuddle Radical Film Festival and Small Axe Radical Film Competition.

Last year’s inaugural Tolpuddle Radical Film Festival was a runaway success with all the films playing to 100% houses and the Vintage Mobile Cinema attracting huge interest – finally we had found a way to bring film to Tolpuddle and it worked!.

But for us committed folk the fund-raising treadmill never seems to end and we need a minimum of £2,000 to make the festival a definite goer for 2015 and £2,500 to cover all expenses.

Any help you can give in raising that relatively modest sum will be much appreciated and with such a reasonable target anything you as an individual can afford will make a real difference.

Please help us by contributing personally but also by urging your local trade union branch and/or trade council to support the festival.

All contributions will be acknowledged on our website but any individual or organisation contributing £200 or more will be credited as a Principal Sponsor of the 2015 Festival.

Donations can be paid directly in to our bank account via BACS Please for account details.

Donations can be paid directly in to our bank account via Paypal

Cash or cheques can be sent to Chris Jury, Tolpuddle Radical Film Festival, 42 Park Road, Blockley. Glos GL56 9BZ.

The 2015 Tolpuddle Radical Film Festival will run alongside the main Tolpuddle Festival from Friday 17 July 2015 – Sunday 19 July 2015.

As 2015 is the 800th anniversary of the sealing of Magna Carta, and the 750th anniversary of Simon De Montfort’s 1265 parliament, the theme of The Tolpuddle Radical Film Festival this year is, “This is what democracy looks like?” (please note the question mark) and critically explores the relationship between the democratic citizen, the state and the corporation in this era of globalised, neoliberal turbo-capitalism.

This years films include: The Square (2013), No (2012), The Spirit of ’45 (2013), It Happened Here (1963), The Revolution Will Not Be Televised (2003), Reykjavik Uprising (2015) – a film so new it doesn’t have a website.

More details can be found at:

“I strongly support the idea of a Radical Film Festival at Tolpuddle. Films can bring in new ideas, new perspectives, new voices. As trade unionists we urgently need to re-examine our attitude to the existing parties. We need real political representation and to re-discover our militancy. Films that reflect struggles of working people can be a spur to action”  Ken Loach

Yours Hopefully

Chris Jury & Reuben Irving

Festival Directors, Tolpuddle Radical Film Festival

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