1 piece of good news and 2 good causes!

Please enjoy this story from one of our supporters – and why not make it your cause of the week (not that that’s a thing but read on and you’ll see what I mean)

Hi everyone

When K and I stayed at the Calais first aid caravans together recently, we
slept overnight in them as I usually do (a bit cold, damp & insecure, but
better than what lots of other folks in the Jungle are living in). Her
Syrian friends A and S were worried about us though.

“Sleep in our hut!” said A. “It’s warmer, and you can lock the door, you
will be safer.”

“But where will you two sleep then?” we asked.

“We are fine! We’ll sleep at our friends”, said S, gesturing vaguely.

“No, it’s ok, we’ll stay the caravan, no problem.” we said, certainly not
going to take up the small plywood space they had to call home.

S and A looked at each other, trying to think of a way to convince us to
take advantage of their hospitality.”

“Um….you can use the jacuzzi!” said S.

The piece of aforementioned good news is that, after 9 months of trying, S
made it to England last week, alive and in one piece. He has claimed
asylum and is down south at the moment, K is off to check up on him soon.
He is a skilled craftsman, fluent in English, and tall dark and handsome.
The UK is better off for the addition of one more kind, quietly courageous

As for the two good causes…

The first aid caravans project have a fundraising drive on (only hours
left to go!) for this amazing sounding structure to continue our work in,
if you would like to throw a fiver in their direction…ENDS TOMORROW!


“The vans have clearly ‘served their time’ and are no longer fit for
purpose and the rigours of high volume custom as they help many, many
refugees on a daily basis.  We’ve sourced a more robust mobile unit and
thanks to the Jersey Calais Refugee Aid Group who kickstarted the project
with £2k (and some other kind donors and sponsored 10k runners !) we now
have conversion of the unit well under way…

This fundraiser is to gain the remaining money to fit heavy duty flooring,
equip with solar lighting , add running water (wow how exciting! currently
water is a walk away, which makes hand hygiene a challenge…) and create
an appropriate environment for consultations and first aid care. We’d like
to see it delivered and installed in the Jungle camp by the end of May.”

The Tolpuddle  Radical Film Festival also needs a hand, promoting
the radical film makers and their excellent works…


Still a month to go til their deadline, so that could be next week’s fiver…

(I don’t know on what grounds I think you all have multiple fivers to
spare. Those without a spare penny can always send this message on to
their mates who they think do…)

Photos to go with this post can probably be found at http://talestotell.wordpress.com/, along with edited versions of these emails. Please feel free to link to it and invite people to visit it. Thank you!.

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