The Tolpuddle Radical Film festival will be hosting screenings of Cultures Of Resistance at the Momentum sponsored World Transformed festival in Liverpool, Sat 24th -Tuesday 27th September.


Cultures Of Resistance?
Film Screening & Discussion
Presented by The Tolpuddle Radical Film Festival

Does each gesture really make a difference? Can art, drama, film, music and dance be weapons of peace and social justice?

Using a screening of 2010 documentary, Cultures of Resistance, writer, Chris Jury, founder of the Tolpuddle Radical Film Festival, proposes that an effective counter-culture is not simply window dressing for movements fighting for progressive social change but a prerequisite for success.

The film Cultures of Resistance, explores how art and creativity can be ammunition in the battle for peace and social justice. In 2003, on the eve of the Iraq war, director Iara Lee embarked on a journey to better understand a world increasingly embroiled in conflict and, as she saw it, heading for self-destruction. After several years, travelling over five continents, Iara encountered growing numbers of people who committed their lives and cultures to promoting change. (75 minutes).

Screenings on Saturday 24th and Sunday 25th at 17.00 in The Workshop Space, The Black-E 1 Great George Street, Liverpool, L1 5EW

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