The search for the 2019 Magnificent Seven Sponsors is on!

It’s that time of year again and time to search for the Magnificent Seven Sponsors for the 2019 Tolpuddle Radical Film Festival.

The Tolpuddle Radical Film Festival is unique in the UK because it is funded exclusively by trade councils, trade unions, trade union branches and individual trade unionists. The festival is run entirely by unpaid volunteers but we need to raise £3500 per year to pay for screening fees, publicity, programme printing and the hire of the Vintage Mobile Cinema.

Since 2017 our Magnificent Seven sponsors have been crucial to our fundraising campaign and we are now searching for our 2019 Magnificent Seven sponsors.

So if your Trade Union, your local Trade Council or your union branch would like to help keep film at Tolpuddle by becoming one of the Magnificent Seven sponsors of the Tolpuddle Radical Film Festival please email Chris Jury at


Our theme this year is Just Because You’re Paranoid… Conspiracies, Witch Hunts & Whistle Blowers because today the conspiracy theory business seems to be the business to be in!

Russian interference, Israeli interference, Hilary’s emails, Cambridge Analytica and social media surveillance, BBC bias, political correctness gone mad, liberal metropolitan elites controlling and manipulating, alt-right oligarchs disrupting… In the era of Trump, Brexit and Wikileaks paranoia seems to be underpinning our entire political discourse.But history shows us real conspiracies do happen and often with appalling consequences. What is the balance between free-speech and causing offence? When does a terrorist become a freedom fighter? Do the interests of the majority ever justify the persecution of the individual?

The films in this years Tolpuddle Radical Film Festival will hopefully include: Conspiracy,  TrumboThe InsiderThe Lives Of OthersMan Of MarbleCitizen FourWar SchoolLondon RecruitsThe LobbyBrexit: The Uncivil WarNae Pasaran*.

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