Small Axe @10 and 1030

Roll up! Roll up! This morning we have two Small Axe programmes totalling 50 minutes of short activist and radical film. Our first programme contains three shorts. First we have Black Tea (dir. Reneque Samuels), a story of dual Jamaican and British identity. Second we have Monkey Business (dir. Jan Beyen), an animated short with monkeys ( : o ) about capitalism, extortion and the global arms trade. Last on the first programme we have The Wheel (dir. Metin Ewr), one of the more overtly political films this year about Kurdish underground newspapers in Turkey.

In our second instalment we have Tanja Holm’s Stockholm Agreement, a documentary about the UN led peace talks in Sweden with the goal of resolving the Yemeni conflict. Taking into account Western imperialism and the arms trade, Stockholm Agreement shines a light on the true experience of the Yemeni conflict. Make sure to check out our interview with Tanja on our Small Axe Radical Short Film Awards YouTube page and our review on our Small Axe website. Links below…

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