Small Axe Programme @1200 and 1235

Our Small Axe Radical Short Film programme continues this afternoon with three short activist and radical films. Scheduled in our first programme are The Outlanders – from HKG to SEA and Occupying the Hulme Hippodrome. Our first short takes in the diasporic experience of Hong Kongers fleeing from the democracy and freedom of speech crackdowns in 2019-2020. Our second introduces us to the squatting movement in Hulme centred around the famous Hulme Hippodrome’s history.

At 12.35 we have screening a fantastic film called How Do Animals and Plants Live? by Ernie Larsen and Sherry Millner. The film ruminates on a recently destroyed anarchist squat, on a site owned by the Greek church, that provided solidarity and aid to refugees and migrants. Reaching through the rubble, the film-makers attempt to make sense of the destruction. At the same time, they practice anarchist principles within the form of their films bringing us a playful, chopping and changing film that defies authority and offers the potential for a new commons based on translation. Make sure to listen to our interview with Ernie and Sherry, conducted by Cole Diment, on our YouTube page and read our review on the Small Axe website. Links below…—from-hkg-to-sea/

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