Feminist Film Selection @10.40 and 11.15 @Small Axe Radical Short Film Awards

From 1040 through to 1115 we have an amazing selection of radical and activist films around feminist themes at the Small Axe Radical Short Film Awards. In our 1040 instalment we have two films, MATKA/POLKA (dir. Joanna Suchomska) and The Golden Age (dir. Hannah Hamalian). MATKA/POLKA is a poetic and atmospheric film that gives us an insight into the mental spaces of those people oppressed by reproductive rights (or their lack) in Poland. We had the delight of sitting down to talk with director Joanna Suchomska about her film. You can listen to it here: https://youtu.be/-1Hi2-Jlugw as well as read our review of the film here: https://smallaxe.radicalfilm.org.uk/films/2022/matka-/-polka-mother-/-pole/

Second is The Golden Age by Hannah Hamalian. Hamalian’s film introduces us to the stories of the forgotten labour of Disney’s female animators. With her film use of archival footage as well as film manipulation, The Golden Age re-introduces this forgotten narrative at the same time as showing us the artistry – something Disney denied – of this female labour. Make sure to read our review of The Golden Age and our interview with Hannah. Links below…



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