Small Axe Programme @10am and Awards This Morning

Good morning radical film lovers! Today we are excited to bring to you the Small Axe Radical Short Film Awards final programme. From 10am through to 1pm we have an array of excellent radical and activist film culminating in our awards for Best Documentary, Best Fiction, Best Student Doc and Best Fiction Doc. Alongside we award based on our audience with an equal category. So make sure to come along to get your voice heard and your favourite films into pole position.

This morning we start the programme with two South American films from Brazil and Peru respectively. Firstly, we have The Traditional Brazilian Family KATU (dir. Rodrigo Seña), a compelling documentary about the differing paths of an indigenous potiguara family in Katu, Northern Brazil. After, we have a oneiric, cerebral film from Peruvian director Felipe Esparza called To cut a tree on a green moon. Esparza takes us on a mysterious trip through the jungle attempting to tell non-narrative stories that express indigenous relationships to time and myth. If indigenous rights interest you or you are an indigenous activist yourself make sure to come down to the Vintage Mobile Cinema @10am to watch these two incredible films.

Make sure also to read our reviews for both films – on the Small Axe Website – and catch our interview with Felipe Esparza as part of the Small Axe Radical Short Film Awards podcast on YouTube. Links below…

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